CEO Message

Hajj & Umrah Services were established since 1954 by our Honourable Alhaaj Mohammad Ismael Bhatti Kasoori [Late]. Ministries of Religious affairs in Saudia Arab & Pakistan has known him as a very renowned personality regarding Hajj & Umrah services. After his death, he took charge of the company and introduced many positive steps for the advancement of company.


With the grace of ALLAH Almighty Tawaf Group has offices in Jeddah, Makkah Mukarma & Madina Munawera with staff from Pakistan,Burma,Bangladesh & Saudi Arabia fully trained and at your service 365 days a year.


Tawaf Group & its staff members in Pakistan & Saudi Arabia welcomes you to begin your Holy journey. I personally welcome you in Tawaf Group during journey or after your peaceful return you can send me your valuable suggestions which will be a guideline for us in future.




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